Electric Guitars

Danelectro Baritone lipsticks
Duesenberg Caribou P90+HB
Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beaty -70:a
Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beaty -71:a Bigsby
Gibson Gold Top 56:a  (P90) R6 Custom shop
Gibson Les Paul Standard
Gibson Les Paul  Jr dubble cut
Gibson ES 336 Custom shop
Gibson SG (reissue 61:aa)
Gibson SG (med ebenholtz greppbräda)
Gibson Trini Lopez -65 Cherry red (som en 335:a, fast lite coolare)
Red Special
Ibanez Artstar
Blade Stratocaster HSS
Fender Stratocaster 1962 MIJ vit
Fender Stratocaster 1962 MIJ lake placid blue
Fender Stratocaster 1957 NOS Custom Shop, Lundgren pickups
Fender Stratocaster 1957 Sunburst, Lollar pickups, De Temple titan bridge
Fender Stratocaster, 54 Klein pickups, tangerine
Fender Jazzmaster, vintage white
Fender Jazzmaster, seafoam green
Fender Telecaster,  ice blue, Lundgren Pickups
Fender Telecaster Special Edition Palo Escrito, Lundgren Pickups
Fender Telecaster Thinline Select Violin Burst
Fender Telecaster, tangerine
Fender TC-90, vintage white
Gretch Electromatic,, Bigsby och TV-Jones pickups
Rickenbacker 360 Fireglo
Rickenbacker 360/12 string Fireglo
Gretch Lapsteel

and Many Pedals

Aucustic Guitars

Mikael Sandén VRB
Crafter FE27, tree of life
Yamaha FG 180 vintage
Takamine (high string)
Alvarez 12-string
Yardhouse 00 steel
Yardhouse 00 nylon
Bjärton La Rita
Ibanez  AEL 20
Baby Taylor
Epiphone mandolin MM-70


Crumar Seven elpiano (Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Clavinet, DX7 mm)
Steinway B-211 grand piano in excellent condition and shape
Moog Grandmother
Moog Mother-32
Ensoniq SQ1 32+
M-Audio Axiom Pro 61 (Midi)
Korg Control Pad (Midi)


Gretsch Silver Oyster Pearl 12×8, 14×14, 18×14
Gretsch Silver Oyster Pearl 13×9, 16×16, 24×14
Yamaha Recording Custom 13-15-22×14
Yamaha Recording Custom 10-12-14-16-20×14
Pearl Prestige Sessions Select Series 10-12-14-22 with Stellar wood hoops
Tama Superstar Hyperdrive 10-12-14-16-22
Virveldrums, 15 ps different from floating piccolo to 14X10, e.g. Different Ludwig Black Beauty 14 x 6,5, Ludwig Supraphonic 14 x 6,5 , Yamaha Sign Serie Anton Fig mm, many with wood hoops
Hi-hats Zildjan A-custom 14”,  K-Zildjan Sweet Hi-hat 15”
Ride Zildjan A-custom 20”, Istanbul Mehmet 22″och K-Zildjan  Sweet ride 23”
Crashar Zildjan A & K, Istanbul Mehmet samt Paiste 602, div 16” – 20 ”
Cajun, Djembe, etc..


Fender Precision Telecaster -blond (flat wound)
Fender Squier Jaguar shortscale
Fender Precision 73:a fretless sunburst
Fender Precision Telecaster  sunburst
Ibanez Sound Gear 5:a
Höfner 500/1


Matchless Chieftain
Matchless Phoenix 35
Ceriatone Overtone Special (Dumble Clone) with 212
Mad Professor CS40 sn#40 matching cabinett 212
Mad Professor CS40 sn# 61 matching cabinett 212
Mad Professor 101 with 412
Marshall JTM Bluesbreaker 212
Marshall JCM 800/ Friedman modded with 412
Marshall Superlead Plexi 1971(orange toolex rare!!) 412 with pulsonic koner
Elmwood Modena M60  with 212
Fender Deluxe Reverb
Vox TB18C1
Egnator  Tweaker
Blackstar HT5 reverb (with Celestion Greenback)
Tube Works RT2100
Avid Eleven Rack
Mesa Boogie 295
Damage Control (= called Strymon) Womanizer Class A Preamp
Hartke Kickback 12 bas amp
Ampeg  PF50T tube head with 210 och 115 cab
HotOne B Station preamp/ DI
SPL Attenuator
Masterplant A2XR Reactive Attenuator


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